Join us on our trip through Israel.

I never thought I'd ever actually get to go to the Holy Land. I was so blessed by the trip that I felt it had to be shared with others. These pages are for those people who dream of going someday and for those who have been fortunate enough to have been there and want to relive their experiences and for those preparing to go. Whatever your situation, I want to welcome you to these pages and ask that God bless you as you travel with us. Nan Doerr

Here we are at the Ben Gurion airport - got our bags and we're ready to go. Keith, Debbie, Woody, Beth, Virginia, Robert, Alicia, Johnese, Jane, Donna, Theresa, Ted, Sam, Chelsea, Jeff, and I'm behind the camera. Beverly and Frances are around somewhere and we're waiting for our fearless leader Jimmy and her granddaughter, Erin.

Sam and I are at the hotel in Netanya. As you can see we both have our hats and our water bottles. Jimmy was a very strict taskmaster and wouldn't let us off the bus without our hats and water bottles. So if you have your hat and water bottle, click on the links below and join us for a trip through the Land of the Bible.

Pictures from Our Trip to Israel


The Mediterranean to Galilee


The Golan Heights

The Sea of Galilee


Galilee to Jerusalem



The Dead Sea - Masada to Qumran



Jerusalem - again


Jordan: the Rose-Red City of Petra

Jordan: Jerash

Jordan: The King's Highway, Mt. Nebo, and Ammon

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Our final farewell banquet. It's always hard to say goodbye. That's expecially true of a place so full of history, meaning, and mystique. We walked through the Bible in a most dramatic way - experiencing the holiness and the wonder of all that we saw. If anyone knows of another good trip to Israel, I'm ready to go back. . .


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