Our Trip to Israel

Petra in Jordan

Petra: the Rose Red City. This is the first sight of the Treasury building of Petra as you are coming down the Siq. The contrast in the darkness of the canyon called the Siq and the brilliance of sunlight on the Treasury is startling to say the least.

This is one of the many tombs carved into the cliffs of Petra. Atop the center monument above the door was carved an urn. Later discoverers of the city thought this to indicate a treasure was located here and destroyed the urn in an attempt to locate the treasure.

Here is an example of a tomb carved into the rock and below it are niches for statues built out of rock. This has got to be the most amazing place we visited. Rows of buildings are carved out of the bare rock face of the cliffs. It's totally amazing to be told that the purpose of all these buildings were to be used as tombs.

This is the inside of one of the building. Some were more finished that others and the size of the rooms varied. This room had niches cut out for bodies. The absolute beauty of the rock was magnificent. Here you can see the patterns ranging from white, to rose red to blue-black.

Here is a wonderful example of the carving. This is a monument that is uncompleted. You can see the finished detail above the door, but about halfway down the doorway is the bare unfinished rock face. There were other examples of this also.

This is an interesting shot. At the very middle of the left side you can see what appears to be a ledge with three openings (black) just above the ledge. This is the beginning of an unfinished monument. The rock was cut back and then the actual construction is begun from the top.

Here we walked down an old Roman road between parts of the cliff monuments. Apparently it was in this part of the gorge that the people actually lived. At first the nomadic people pitched their tents and later build more permanent dwellings in the valley between the cliffs that held the mausoleums.

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In Petra, if you didn't want to walk, you could get a taxi. This is a Petra taxi. This is Theresa riding a Petra taxi. I think this must be the height of regal-ness. She definitely made an impression on all the people who saw her. Tourists and locals alike stopped to watch and take pictures as she rode by. I think Johnese must have been somewhat embarrassed since she seems to be hiding behind her umbrella.